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Executive Leadership
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  Huang, Hsien-Tsai Founder
◆ 8th and 9th Term Board Chairman of Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association
◆ Purse Seiner Outstanding Performance Award by Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association


  Huang, I-Cheng President
◆ Current Chairman of Association for Agriculture and Fisheries Cooperation Across Taiwan Straits
◆ Current Board Director of Overseas Fisheries Development Council of Taiwan
◆ 1st and 2nd Term Board Chairman of Taiwan Provincial Fishermen's Association
◆ 8th Term Board Chairman of Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association
◆ 5th Term Board Director of Taiwan Squid Fishery Association
◆ Elected Good Member of Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association in Year 2004
◆ Awarded Outstanding Fisherman of Year 2003
◆ Submit Fishery Policy Suggestions on behalf of Taiwan Fishery Industry to Presidential Candidate 
   Ma Ying-Jeou
◆ Profiled in 1224th Issue of Business Weekly <2 Billion dollar Investment on Fishing Vessels when
   Saury sold at NT$10 per fish>

  Huang, I-Mao Chairman
◆ Current Board Chairman of Taiwan Tuna Purse Seiners Association
◆ Current Board Executive Director of Taiwan Squid Fishery Association
◆ Current Board Member Representative of Kaohsiung Ming Deng Charitable Organization
◆ 8th Term Board Executive Director of Taiwan Squid Foundation
◆ 9th Term Board Director of Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association
◆ Industry Mentor in National Kaohsiung Marine University of Year 2014~2015
◆ Elected Good Member of Kaohsiung Fishermen's Association in Year 2011
 Awarded Outstanding Fisherman of Year 2010