Fair Well Fishery
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Fair Well adheres to the followings:
  • 100% Catch Retention of All Tuna - We supports and complies with this resolution company policies mandating that all tuna caught on board of controlled purse seine vessels must be fully retained, except those unfit for human consumption or when in the final set of a trip , there is insufficient well space to accommodate all fish caught set.
  • Prohibition of Shark Finning - We are aware that shark finning contravenes the Conduct for Responsible Fishing and the FAO International Plan of Action for the Conservation and measures of the regional fisheries management organizations (RMFOs). We are taking into account for the conservation of marine life concerning the following points:
            1) We condemn and forbid shark finning.
            2) We avoid any commercial dealings with vessels which have been identified by the Regional
                (RFMOs) or by national or international authorities as practitioners of shark finning.
            3) We avoid commercial dealings with any company which has not forbidden and condemned the
                practice of shark finning.
  • Deployment of non-entangling FADs - From April, 2024, we will meet best practices for FAD management per ISSF Conservation Measure 3.7, and commit to abiding by the limit of active number of FADs adopted by WCPFC ; and high entanglement risk FADs will not be deployed. In addition to our website, the policy is visible to all purse seiners under our management (Find attached).
  • Avoid exploitation of groundwater - Over drafting groundwater may cause land subsidence and other negative consequences. It is our mandate to apply 100% sea water for grouper aquaculture.