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President of Kiyomura Corp Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura visited Fair Well, interns as fans give warm welcome
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Well known for auctioning an NTD 42 Million Bluefin Tuna, Kiyoshi Kimura, president of sushi restaurant chain, Kiyomura Company, Sushi-Zanani visited Taiwan on Friday 31 Augest for a brief 24 hours. During his stay, he had a visit to Fair Well Fishery Group, during the briefing introduction of the company; Mr. Kimura saw familiar Tuna Long Line Fishing vessels. He then shared his experience of being “Japan No.1” Tuna King for six years in a row, including 2013 when he broke the Guinness book of records by auctioning a 222kg Blue Fin for 155.4 Million JPY.
During the meeting, four interns from the Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology participated in the event. Mr. Kimura highly praised the
Fair Well’s cooperate responsibility, and also encouraged the student to take on more Challenges thought-out life. During the photo session taken, Mr. Kimura showed his signature pose, greeted by the students finally meeting with their idol.